Teaching since 2001, we moved to Carlisle in 2008 and offer lessons in Carlisle and the surrounding area.

Our aim is always to help students to achieve their personal goals, whether that is learning to read, passing an entrance exam or getting the grades for access to college or university.

We teach on a one-to-one basis and can structure lessons specifically to the students' needs. This allows us to identify problem areas and work on exactly what needs to be improved

Many of our students and their parents have been surprised by what can be achieved with a little extra support from Vallum Tutors. Sometimes all that is needed is the extra confidence that thoroughly understanding a subject can bring. This often improves the student's performance across the whole curriculum.

Our previous students regularly keep in contact with us and have successful careers in medicine, dentistry, sports sciences, psychology, business studies, pharmacy, electrical engineering, nursery nursing and music. We are extremely proud that one of our former biology students has now become an enthusiastic and popular secondary school biology teacher herself.

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Why the name Vallum Tutors?

The name comes from the position of our farm house, Hollow Creek, which lies between Hadrian’s Wall and The Vallum. The Vallum is a huge earthwork about 20 m to the South of Hadrian’s Wall and it is thought that it was built for protection from an attack from the south or to show civilians the southern boundary of the military zone around Hadrian's Wall.