Vallum Tutors teach all aspects of English from reception to GCSE level. We begin at Key Stage 1 with reading using phonics and shared reading which then progresses to writing sentences that the student has constructed from words that they can read.

At KS2 the focus is on basic grammar and creative writing, with the student being encouraged to bring books that they enjoy to read in their lessons.

At KS3, students are encouraged to develop critical and analytical skills, but again work is centred around texts appropriate to the age of the student.

At GCSE, work will be centred on the syllabus being studied by the student. Both English Language and Literature can be covered and emphasis is placed on practice of exam-style questions and the correct structuring of answers and use of technical terms.

Tuition for students with dyslexia is usually focused entirely on their strengths and weaknesses rather than their age.

We are fully conversant with the requirements for the Scottish education system and tutor English up and including National 5 level.