Vallum Tutors teach all aspects of Mathematics from Key Stage 1 to GCSE level.

Starting at KS1, we introduce basic mathematical concepts such as counting, number patterns, basic arithmetic, simple fractions and shapes,

At KS2, building on the students understanding, we introduce concepts such as geometry, and simple relationships between numbers. We develop the understanding of numbers with fractions, decimals and percentages. We stress the importance of the foundations of maths such as a thorough knowledge of the multiplication tables and facility with mental arithmetic.

For KS3 students we encourage a more in-depth knowledge of mathematical principles based on the student's previous understanding and introduce more complex concepts such as geometry, algebra and statistics.

At GCSE, we introduce more complicated theories to the student, such as trigonometry, circle theorem and more advanced statistical techniques. We encourage students to use these and previously learned concepts to answer exam-style questions using a systematic approach, based on whichever exam syllabus they are studying.

Our tutors are fully conversant with the Scottish education system and offer tuition in maths up to and including SQA level National 5.