Vallum Tutors cover all sciences up to GCSE, and Biology and the Biological Sciences up to A-level. We are fully aware of the science requirements of the various UK exam boards.

We usually start sciences at Key Stage 3; here we work on developing a solid basis of scientific principles and encouraging the student's interest in the science of the world around them.

We offer all GCSE syllabuses as individual sciences or double and single GCSE awards and are fully conversant with the current exam boards' varying syllabuses and their different specifications. Vallum Tutors also offers tuition for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of the sciences for professional purposes.

Regular practice of exam-style questions enables students to become familiar with the type of material that they need to know and to feel confident in exam situations.

Tuition is always centred on the individual student and time is spent identifying and strengthening any weaknesses in the student's knowledge as well as developing their ability to apply their knowledge and to learn to think scientifically.

We cover all the AS and A2 Biology courses including the new courses offered by all the examination boards.

We are familiar with the Scottish education requirements in science and offer tuition in Chemistry, Physics and Biology up to and including SQA National 5 level. We also offer Biology tuition up to SQA Advanced Higher level.

Vallum Tutors also provides tuition for mature students who are undertaking biology as part of an Access course for university entry.